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ITEM CODE: YJBA120-220L, This single station machine is equipped with accumulator die head, for the production of articles for 120liter to 220liters made out of PE , PP and HMWPE, especially suitable for making L-ring drum,  suiting for the packaging of petroleum, chemicals products, toys, tech-and auto-parts. This machine is designed for producing high quality, bigger size and complex parts.

■ For containers from 120L up to 220L

■ suitable for making L-ring container

■ With 22L accumulator head

■ Max clamping force 900KN

■ Linear rolling motion guider equipped

■ Easily operation by PLC+touch screen

■ Imported hydraulic component

■ Energy saving hydraulic design

■Equipped  with take out robot

■ Parison programmer can be adopt

■Multi-functional bottom blow mechanism

■Servo motor can be equipped